Pin Up Vintage Bathing Suit (Perfection Fit by Roxanne)

Pin Up Vintage Bathing Suit (Perfection Fit by Roxanne)

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I would keep it for myself, but that would just be too easy……and take up more unecessary space in my home.

Love it though! Fits like a charm. Is modesty making a comeback??? hrrm…..


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Grown Ups.

I am really. REALLY. glad I didn’t buy these tickets myself. I mean I’ve seen bad movies before, but I am physically shaken by this one. I just thought it would be a standard, run-of-the-mill bad film. I figured it couldn’t be worse than Couple’s Retreat. However, my expectations were¬†crushed in a way I never thought possible. So many face palm moments. I went with my friends so I could be social, and if they EVER accuse me of not caring for them in any way, I will laugh in their face. I mean for the love of God do we really need another Adam Sandler bro-fest movie that essentially pays him to just hang out with his friends?

However, the popcorn was unusually good.

um…that is all.

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